Crying Children: A Call to Action (1)

“Somebody had to do it,” Olivia Nuzzi, a reporter for the New York magazine, said when asked why she decided to play an audio recording of crying children separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border. Later on TV, political pundits yapped incessantly about whether or not President Trump and his administration truly cared for these children. Further discussion occurred where citizens who want stronger borders were labeled racists and border patrol agents were called domestic terrorists. All of it made my stomach hurt.

At work a few days later, we evaluated a freckle-faced 2.5-year-old boy who lives in foster care. The minute he entered the room he broke down crying. Mistaking one of the evaluators as his mother, he ran toward her, reached up and hugged her. He called her mama. We discovered later he has three siblings who are also in foster care. Not one of them is with the other because there isn’t a home to take them all. He and his siblings were removed from their mother because she was abusing drugs.

Many of the children I evaluate have drug abuse in their history. Many were exposed to drugs during the pregnancy. They were born drug addicts and had to suffer through painful detox and drug withdrawal. During this, they scream and cry inconsolably in pain for days. It’s a cry you’ll not soon forget.

Olivia Nuzzi will likely never play a recording of any of these children crying. She was obviously making a political point against an administration she doesn’t care for. Most of the talking heads who label law enforcement as racists and terrorists are simply doing the same. They don’t seem to care about the babies I see daily.

I admit I follow politics too closely sometimes. But, I strive to be an informed citizen and that gets harder each day because our press coverage is far from balanced. I’m nothing more than an average person who is seeing the effects of drugs on our children and it breaks my heart.

James writes in Chapter 1:26 for Christians to “look after widows and orphans.” But, he also says in that same verse for us to “not be polluted by the world.” What does that mean?

Maybe it means, we are not to slander or name call as the world does. We are not to choose some orphans to benefit us politically while ignoring others who do not move our agenda forward. We are not to support policies, such as open borders, which make our communities unsafe for children.

Regardless of what the press is pushing, we’ve got major problems with gangs, drugs, and broken families right now.

The children are crying and we are called to action. If you truly care about crying children, get started today. Don’t wait for the government to do it. Make a call, write a check, or open your home.

Love y’all,


P.S. Pray for the crying children in your neighborhood or your town. Pray for the teachers who deal with students from broken homes and who are living amongst substance abuse. Pray for the police and border patrol who risk life daily to keep the danger away and stop the flow of drugs and sex traffic. Pray for our President and our elected leaders whose primary job is our protection. Pray for hearts to be softened to the plight of children–no matter the race or ethnicity. Pray for healing in our land.







Disconnected from Reality

_Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it._ Proverbs 22_6

The speech pathologist held up a mirror in front of the toddler-aged girl and asked, “Who’s that?”

The blond-headed child, perched on her mother’s lap, did not respond.  Her sky-blue eyes never looked up from the smartphone.

The examiner tapped on the mirror again and repeated the question. The trance briefly interrupted, the girl turned the phone around so the animated kitty could see itself in the mirror. “Meow,” it purred. Continue reading “Disconnected from Reality”